The Station Wagon is a civilian car in Scarface:The World Is Yours

Station Wagon


Driver and Passenger
Vehicle Type
Station Wagon
Appears in Traffic?


As its name says, it's an ordinary station wagon based on the 1978 Chrysler Town and Country. It features woody panels and a roof rack. It is a family car, there's nothing really special in this car.

Tony drives a station wagon when he goes to New York with Alberto and his crew to follow a man who needs to be killed, which Tony refuses to kill him because he has his wife and kids in the car, and instead, Tony kills Alberto.

In the game, it appears everywhere in Miami, including in The Islands.


It is said to be a "grandpa-mobile" as it's sluggish in top speed, acceleration and braking, its handling is rather moderate, it doesn't have a bad handling at all. Durability is also acceptable, as it can whitstand many crashes and a long gunfight, though the car is still one of the least desirable cars in the game.

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