"So, you got the money?"
―Mission description
 The Stein Jewelry is a front in North Beach.


Tony talks to the manager that he wants to buy the Jewelry, but the manager says that he can sell the place for Tony, but he wants a gang of bank robbers that robs the bank that most of the jewelry stock is stored, to be dealt with. Tony gets to the bank, but the bank is currently getting robbed, Tony then kills some robbers, but the others tries to escape in three different cars: a Caballo, a GPV and the leader gets in a Fellini, ironically, his Fellini fails to start at first, but the car later starts, Tony chases him to his hideout, which is in a multistory car park, Tony kills all of the goons there and heads back to the Jewelry, the manager then agrees to sell the place for $12,000,000.

Mission rewardEdit

  • Reputation: +106,559
  • Balls: +937
  • Drugs: +58
  • Total cash: +500,000

Mission Video walkthroughEdit

Mission 31 - Stein Jewelry

Mission 31 - Stein Jewelry

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