Swansong Hotel
"Me, I always tell the truth... Even when I lie"
―Mission description

The Swansong Hotel was an hotel located in South Beach, Miami that Tony could buy as a front to distribute cocaine. The manager had been embezzled by a corrupt lawyer, and is mad that he's going to keep it up until the hotel is bankrupt. He wants Tony to kill the lawyer to make sure it never happens again. Tony finds the lawyer in a yacht, and destroys it, killing him in the progress, as well as his bodyguard goons. Once the lawyer is dead, Tony buys the place for $5,000,000 ($4,500,000 if the player owns Montana Holdings).

Mission rewardEdit

  • Reputation: +102,160
  • Balls: +432
  • Drugs: +31

Mission Walkthrough videoEdit

Mission 23 - The Swansong Hotel

Mission 23 - The Swansong Hotel


  • According to cut dialogue found in the game files, Swansong Hotel was originally going to be named Swansong Restaurant.
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