The Islands are a gameplay area in the video game Scarface: The World Is Yours.

It features two large main islands (Lobster Cay and Black Sands) as well as many smaller islands. Both Black Sands and and Lobster Cay have a small town, along with another area which is critical to the storyline. Tony first travels to the Islands in Mission 19 to meet "The Sandman", who owns part of the islands, as well as overseeing a coca plantation (located on the Western Shore of Lobster Cay) and a processing lab on Tranquilandia Island (a nod to the Medellin Cartel's lab in Caqueta, Colombia, that was raided in 1984). Later, in Mission 21, Tony sets out to kill Nacho Contreras , who owns/operates an illegal casino out of a grounded and abandoned oil tanker.

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