The Tomahawk SS and Macaro are exotic and civilian cars in Scarface:The World Is Yours

Tomahawk SS


Exotic Level
Reputation Level 3
Reputation Points
Driver and Passenger
Vehicle Type
Muscle car (Macaro)
Convertible (Tomahawk SS)
Appears in Traffic?
Yes (Macaro)
No (Tomahawk SS)


The Tomahawk SS and the Macaro are based on the 1969 Camaro SS, one is a civilian muscle car and the other is a convertible one, the Tomahawk features a ornage paintjob with black stripes while the Macaro features a single color paintjob, both cars features a spoiler.

Tony's hired Assassin drives a Macaro in the mission U-Gin Shotgun Bar.


Both cars are powered by a V8, having very good acceleration, but not the best top speed, handling is good for a civilian car, the car is a very good choice to cruise on Miami, durability can be described as ordinary, as it can withstand a certain number of crashes and bullets before being wrecked. The Macaro spawns around Little Havana and Shady Grove, next to Tony's Mansion, it also appears in The Islands.


  • There is a real life vehicle made by Dodge called Tomahawk, however, it's a motorcycle instead of a car.
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