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Tony's Mansion is home of the drug lord Tony Montana. Once Tony takes over Frank Lopez' empire, Tony purchases the mansion. It is located in Coconut Grove, Miami, Florida, in the film, and on Shady Grove in the game. There's a small bridge connecting it with the rest of Miami. Sosa sends his assassins to Tony's Mansion to kill him and they succeed, killing all of his henchmen and damaging the mansion in the process.

In the game, the mansion is raided by Sosa's assassins, and one of the mansion wings in damaged by a rocket launcher. But Tony escapes before the police arrives, kill the assassins, and seize the partially destroyed mansion. Tony, three months later, uses drug money to pay off the Miami Vice, Sonny and Diego to get his mansion back. Tony later rebuild and renovates it. In reality, the mansion in the movie is actually a compilation of two houses, one being used for the inside filming, and the second being used for outside filming.

In the game, you can have two aditional styles, modern and eclectic, although the only place that has had a change is outside his office. Theres an abilty to buy furniture, decor, and collectables to place in his mansion although there's a glitch where the stuff may disappear, though it appears to be fixed on PC version 1.002. In MTV Cribs Tony's in game mansion appeared including many in game items to promote the game.


Trivia Edit

  •  Tony's mansion is actually in Coconut Grove, Florida. It is popular as the owner has leased the residence to fans of the film. Rent is $30,000 per month.
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