Antonio Tony Camonte was the main protagonist of the 1932 Scarface played by Paul Muni. After Tony killed Big Louis Costillo who controlled the South Side, Johnny Lovo made him his second-in-command though continuously told him not to mess with the Irish Gangs led by O'harra. Tony soon disobeys these rules and starts war with the Irish Gangs and soon sends his best friend, Guino Rinaldo, to kill O'harra. Lovo soon finds this out that Tony has been persuing his girlfriend, Poppy, and sends assassins to kill Tony while he's driving. Tony survives where he and Rinaldo kill Lovo and takeover his criminal empire. Tony killed Rinaldo after he found out that he married his sister, Francesca Camonte, who he is over-protective of, and brings a distraught Cesca back to his apartment. Inspector Ben Guarino and the rest of the police soon infiltrate his apartment and kill Cesca who is killed by a stray bullet and Tony becomes crazy after Guarino throws a Smoke Grenade at his room. Tony then comes out surrendering though decides to make a break for it though is killed after he is shot multiple times.

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