U-Gin Shotgun Bar
"Shoot that piece of shit."
―Mission description
In Scarface: The World is Yours, U-Gin Shotgun Bar is a buyable front located in Downtown, Miami.

Description Edit

The manager of the bar is Ana Yamada, whose ex-boyfriend got her pregnant and then dumped her, had sex with her waitresses, and cleaned out her safe, spending all the money at a off-track betting place. As revenge, she offers to sell the bar to Tony, on the condition that Tony has her ex killed.

For the task, Tony contracted an assassin, who must drive a Macaro through some tricky jumps around the piers to reach a vantage point on the dock. The target is among a boat convoy. The assassin needs to identify her target by the clothing (man with blue hat and purple jacket). If she kills the wrong target, the convoy will be alerted and move faster, making the mission more difficult. Once the right target is eliminated with a Sniper Rifle, the manager allows Tony to purchase the bar for $80,000, as promised.

Mission rewardEdit

  • Reputation: +10,000

Mission walkthrough videoEdit

Mission 13 - U-Gin Shotgun Bar

Mission 13 - U-Gin Shotgun Bar


  • If Tony messes around the manager of the bar, the unnamed asian lady, she will shout "你他妈混蛋/ni ta ma hun dan!"(Literally, "you fucking asshole") in Mandarin Chinese.
  • This is the only story mission in the entire game where the player controls a character other than Tony.
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