Two Vice Montama meets in the Babylon Club.

Vice was a secret government agency in Florida. Two guys working for Vice met Tony Montana at the Babylon Club, and they told Tony they will give him back his mansion, for $10,000. After Tony met with Felix, he went to Coco where she introduced him to her dealer to practice on. After practicing on Coco's dealer, he got the $10,000 after drug dealing with some dealers and went to his old mansion and gave the men who work for Vice the money in exchange for his mansion. It is known that Mel Bernstein was a member of Vice, which one of them says he wasn't a team player, and Tony did them a favor by killing him. The other Vice tells Tony about Police Heat, and if his heat goes too high, he'll have to be forced to make a huge payment to lower the heat,the vice are seen all over Miami and has a van near Tony's Mansion.

Note: The vice on the left's name is Sonny, if you play Bloodsport in Trailer Park you can see one of the boxers name is Sonny. And he will have the same model as vice on the left. The name of the Vice on the right is Diego.

Trivia Edit

  • Sonny and Diego are a reference to the main characters of Miami Vice. However, they are far more corrupt and villainous.