The Volskwagen Cabriolet is a civilian convertible in Scarface:The World Is Yours

Volkswagen Cabriolet


2 (Driver and Passenger)
Vehicle Type
Compact Convertible
Appears in Traffic?


As the name says, it's a compact convertible car based on the Volkswagen Golf MK1 Convertible. The car commonly spawns in Downtown, South Beach and North Beach. The car features either a yellow, white or red paintjob, it's one of the smallest cars in the game. It doesn`t appear in The Islands.


The car has an average acceleration and poor top speed, it's not fast at all, but it makes up for its handling and nimbleness, due to its light weight and its 4-cylinder engine, it's not durable too, but it's not that fragile, its durability is similar to that of the Delphine.

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