"I got ears, you know. I hear things"
―Mission description
Whippet Gambling is an off-track betting shop in Miami, and a purchaseble front in Scarface: The World Is Yours.
53 whippetgamble

Tony in front of Whippet Gambling.

In the gameEdit

It becomes available once Tony unlocks the North Beach turf. The owner tells Montana that he will sell him the place if the later helps with a large debt, apperently a gambler bougth a car with the money he should have paid to the shop. Tony goes to the target's hotel and chases the car while dodging shotgun blasts, he eventually manages to ram the car hard enough, stunning the driver, and steals it. Tony then takes the car to a garage in South Beach while being chased by the gambler in a Fellini, and returns to the shop to seal the deal, after this, he buys the place for $3,000,000 ($2,700,000 if the player owns Montana Holdings).

Mission RewardEdit

  • Reputation: +26,904
  • Balls: +272
  • Total cash: +175,000

Mission Video WalkthroughEdit

Mission 29 - Whippet Gambling

Mission 29 - Whippet Gambling


  • Should Tony take the car after killing the gambler, he will have to escape the police before repossessing the car.
  • Whippet Gambling was originally supposed to be called Greyhound Off-Track Betting accoring to cut dialouge found in the game files. Reason for this change is unknown.
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